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Tune-in & Attune Session

A Tune-in & Attune session is a great  way to create meaningful shifts that open you up to new possibilities. You will experience greater balance and clearing of energy, which will support you in creating positive and tangible change. 

Tune-In & Attune includes:

  • Focused dialogue/visualization to identify core intentions and values for the session.​

  •  ThetaHealing® to create positive new beliefs and empower your consciousness and body.​

  • Flower Essences to deepen personal insight and ability to access virtues. 

  • Biofield Tuning to anchor the flower essences into your energetic field and restore vitality.  

  • Follow-up after the session.


 “Wherever you are, that is the entry point.” -Kabir


Rooted & Flourishing

3 Month Package

For those who are actively wanting to change their lives. You have a will and a longing to become more deeply and expansively who you really are.  Even if you already know, you know that there is an ongoing evolution to this knowing.


Consists of:


10, 90-minute sessions 


After the initial session, there are 3 sessions per month


After each session, you receive 1 or 2 reflection questions which will be used to open the upcoming session. 


On the off weeks you will receive:

  • 2 affirmations to recite and download into yourself.

  • 1 recorded meditation

  •  1 custom-blended flower essence bottle will be sent, to be used for the next few weeks. 


Throughout our work together, I am available for email communication for any intuitive support that is wanted.


If you would like to learn more, you're welcome to book a free 15-minute consult, schedule a single session or email me.  

The investment for Rooted & Flourishing is $1,725 which can be paid in full or in two, monthly payments for the first two months of your package. 


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