Be Who You Truly Are

Welcome. Pearl Essence is about transforming the way you show-up in your relationships so you can share your true self with others and grow into your future with the right people by your side. I use a synergistic blend of modalities to support my clients, namely Biofield Tuning, Flower Essences and ThetaHealing®.  You may come to me to address challenges varying from relationship intimacy, family issues, gut health, organ health, lyme’s disease, career, etc., but the remedy always lies in transforming the way you show-up in your relationships, which in turn transforms your relationship with yourself and reorients your life direction. 

 As you come home to yourself, your purpose and inner-beauty emerges and suddenly so much more is possible. I have seen:

  • Clients struggling to get pregnant, get pregnant.

  • Clients on their way toward divorce repair their marriage by healing themselves.

  • Clients in toxic situations with financial burdens establish their independence and security.

  • Clients who believed they had nothing to offer, realize just what a blessing they truly are and recommit themselves.  

  • And the list continues...   

 Sessions are available both in-person and long distance. In-person sessions are held at my studio in the Sunset District of San Francisco. 


You Are Emanating

Biofield Tuning is a sound healing modality that uses tuning forks in the subtle and electromagnetic field surrounding the body. The tuning forks work through resonance and entrainment, simultaeously detecting and correcting imbalances so that your core frequencies can flow coherently and freely. Your biofield manifests as a record of your life, so significant events, illnesses and emotions are registered by the tuning forks, allowing us to really get at the root issue.

In physics and chemistry, the law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another. In Biofield Tuning we transform the trapped and stuck energy back into circulation so it can be put to better use, resulting in deeper levels of awareness and groundedness and increased energy levels. 

The applications of Biofield Tuning are unlimited. Wherever we place our attention, energy follows. Wherever we apply coherent frequency, coherency and stability follows. Biofield Tuning instills coherency wherever it is applied. We can tune the body, nature, objects, projects, bank accounts, relationships, etc.

If you want the truth, I’ll tell you the truth: Listen to the secret sound, the real sound, which is inside you.- Kabir

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The World is Your Reflection

Flower essences are heavily diluted (yet powerful) flower extracts. They address a wide and nuanced range of mental, emotional and spiritual conditions. 


Flower essences are a testament to the divine guidance that surrounds us. The wisdom of the plant world is vast, detailed and deeply personal. You do not need to be an "outdoorsy" to understand that the flowers are speaking to you through the essences. The flower kingdom is a mirror for the medicine you hold inside of yourself. The essences are generous, and their healing will be apparent. They work with you at a pace and manner that is unique to you and they are a wonderful way to continue working on yourself in between sessions.

                         How are Flower Essences used in a session?

In a session, we will select a couple essences to use topically to guide and focus the session. If you choose to commit to the Rooted & Flourishing program, you will receive custom blends, containing 3-5 essences to use in between sessions. 

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom- Anai¨s Nin



Unearth the Pearl Inside

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"Megan is professional, empathetic and grounded. I came to Megan’s charming office emotionally shut down, terrified of an impending divorce, suffering from chronic fatigue, joint pain, anxiety, brain fog and a host of additional symptoms of Lyme disease that I could not get under control, despite a team of doctors and therapists... Today I am a different person." -R.E.

"Megan is such a skillful, caring practitioner with her words and presence. The interplay between flower essences, biofield tuning, energy work, and theta healing is profound on so many planes. Insights and the "work" from this session still continues to integrate in to my reality. Ever grateful for your good works, Megan" - B.D.

Megan's work can't be overstated. She is the rare combination of deep intuition, skillful counseling and effective, loving guide to transformation. Can't recommend her enough! -S.C.